Business and Management Services

In an effort to improve the company's operating performance, management made a number of improvements to optimize the function of personnel and units within the organization.

The need for performance improvement varies greatly depending on the complexity of the operation and the stages of the development of the company, and also relates to the company's efforts to meet certain requirements set by stakeholders outside the organization.

The obstacles faced include limited knowledge, lack of infrastructure and work tools, limited implementation time, and/or the absence of special unit teams to do certain works and focus on those goals.

IT Management
  • IT Governance Establishment
  • Project Management Office Establishment
  • IT Risk Management
  • IT Strategy and Alignment
Payroll Management
  • Payroll System Establisment
  • Payroll Administration and Payment
Internal Control Management
  • Internal Control system and Accompaniment of System Implementation
  • Quality Control Management - Preparation of ISO Quality Management Submission