Public Affairs

High regulated based industries are often faced with issues affecting operation of  corporation business.

Call it for the sweetened beverage and soda industry, both faced with extensification of excise and local regulations on water exploration.

Poor communication and the corporation’s less ability to manage the issues will have an impact on the company image.

In fact, it could interfere with the business of the corporation.

For that purpose, we provide a comprehensive solution in addressing the relationship issues with the government.

Government Relation
  • Government regulations are often subject to major amendments. The main constraints are lack of access to get information about on the regulations. Another constraint is often that the regulations are difficult to understand or ambiguous, so there is a possibility of different perceptions between regulators and the company.
  • The situation can be overcome if there is a communication path between the company as a user with the government as a regulator.
  • Third party mediation is required due to the sharp difference of perception or as the user's interest in conveying the special aspirations as well as the technical obstacles to the delivery of these aspirations.
Public Perception Audit
  • Often companies or institutions do not deepen the aspirations of the s The result is that the published decision or policy gets serious opposition from the surrounding environment. With certain approaches and techniques, shareholder aspirations can be explored and better formulated.
  • Thus companies/institutions get a picture and a more complete understanding of the needs of the stakeholders.
  • Methods of audit perception can be applied to the development of a product, service, or regulation by a local government.
Social Media Analyst
  • Content services for social media in an effort to reach new customers and nurture old customers
  • Presenting special content in social media that is expected to introduce, retain or become the attraction of the company and its products in the eyes of its consumers.
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns through social media conducted by the company by identifying and calculating feedback from consumers on the campaign material presented.
Companies Data
  • Presenting the target company's data as a whole, i.e. financial data, operational, market share, etc. as requested.
  • The CEO biography and the BOD of a target company include educational background, work experience, significant achievement from the managerial side, social or academic achievement, the ability to control the company, their work philosophy, etc.
  • The target company's feature articles include relevant issues including their business development targets and plans.
  • Company track record of various aspects such as operational aspects, regulatory compliance, financial reporting, employment aspect, etc.
Press Conference
  • Prepare press conference materials tailored to the venue and time available, including training how to do it.
  • Establish and invite targeted local, national and international media.
  • Create a media release.
  • Create a media report from the results of the press conference.
News Placement
  • Packaging news from the client's point of view, for a particular event or for more strategic long-term purposes.
  • Interviews a competent and credible resource person with regard to issues faced by the company.
  • Loading news in several media whether local, national or international tailored to the purpose of news.
Marketing Content
  • Preparing the format and concept of client website tailored to the type and character of the client's business.
  • Prepare materials for the website such as illustration drawings, graphs, operational data, product and market information, descriptions and analysis according to clients' interests.
  • After that, periodically update the contents including evocative news and certain content that has been created, as well as interacting with the readers of websites that provide feedback.