Strategic Management Services

In controlling business activities, management requires tools to monitor the performance of each group of company activities and from each level of management within the organization.

With the computer application Management Dashboard - Performance Evaluation System, management is able to know in real time achievement of actual performance compared to target/budget that has been determined previously.

This application system provides adequate information according to the needs of each company to enable management to review, evaluate and execute the right policy options at the right time.

Strategy Formulation and Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Corporate Strategy Development
  • Value proposition and Business Model Formulation
  • Risk Management Development and Monitoring Implementation
Productivity Involvement
  • 5R/5S Workplace Management implementation
  • Kaizen Culture Management Implementation
  • Total Quality Management Implementation
Organizational Change and Human Capital
  • Organizational Redesign and Change Implementation
  • Human Resources Management System Development and Implementation
  • Organizational Culture Development and Implementation